Check Redirects

Get redirect routes at your fingertips

Find out where that link really takes you

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All-in-one URL analysis platform

Gain vital domain intelligence to help detect malicious sites, improve page and SEO rankings, increase affiliate marketing revenue or bypass ad and DNS privacy restrictions on your local network

A better way to send money.

Analyze Every Link in the Chain

Every single link that you would be sent to is displayed. Get a summary overview, or dive deeper into each hop.

Inspect Every Header

Discover and review headers from every hop. Detect and determine the true nature of the servers along the path.

Speed Kills

Every hop along the path from origin to destination adds latency. Find out where the bottlenecks are.

Instant Results

Get the final destination immediately. Check Redirects is blazingly fast.

Determine Jurisdictions

Each domain's IP is mapped to a physical location letting you visualise where you're really being directed.

Read the Body

Examine the raw HTML of every link in the chain not just the final response body.