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Hey I’m Dan and I created Check Redirects

Dan walking his beautiful dog, Finn
Australia, Dan and Finn the dog

I’m also the designer, engineer, marketing guru and customer support.

Networking and computer security has always been an interest of mine. So I created Check Redirects out of an interest in this space. I am also a believer that ads are a necessary evil and am acutely aware of how dangerous some of those networks can be.

I built this to scratch my own itch. Any network that I have control of, has strong DNS and firewall security in place. This comes at a usability cost which is why I built this platform. It allows me, and you, the ability to mitigate threats from a private network, to a cloud providers. More aptly, no longer do I or you need to click ridiculous amazon shopping or bit.ly links inside a LAN - get straight to the end domain by leveraging this site.

It also happens that tracing the redirection chain from any given URL is helpful for other tasks. See the features section for a full list. Some of the highlights are affiliate link analysis, and checking the location of each IP address along the chain. If you have questions, queries, or suggestions you can reach me at dan@ mudmap.io.

I also run a pfSense Central Management business. If you are interested in, or manage these great devices then head over and check it out.

Cheers from Australia,